My original career was in art, design and fashion. Following my child-rearing years, I found myself searching for a different kind of creative fulfilment. I started training to work with children but through a series of serendipitous encounters, found myself following the path of various counselling trainings.
Towards the end of the third year of training in my first, person centred diploma, my intuition, which I had ignored until then in my great enthusiasm for the subject, started shouting to me that there was something seriously wrong with the dynamic in this otherwise exceptional course. I listened to my inner voice and left the course at the 11th hour with no diploma. I had felt too unsafe. I learned subsequently that I had been right to act as I did. Eventually the tutor was struck off and the course closed down.
This led to a long search for a course which I could be sure was "safe". I was very happy to find this at Chichester Counselling Services, where I successfully completed a BACP accredited Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling.

I have had much post-qualifying training, both privately and through training provided by the Health and Social Services during my career there. I have practiced for almost 20 yrs, using my training, my experience and my intuition in equal parts. I continue to learn from my clients.