On qualifying I moved to France where I have been practising for twenty-two years, largely as a telephone counsellor for English-speaking clients from anywhere in the world.

During my time in France I have suffered much
of the frustration, anxiety, loneliness and sadness experienced by many people living in a foreign country with a different culture, language, and way of doing things, away from children, family, friends and colleagues. I have undergone regular counselling in order to help maintain my energy and equilibrium.

If you are feeling any of those things, or are struggling to make decisions, are undergoing relationship difficulties, are feeling exhausted and lacking in energy and enthusiasm or are simply looking to enjoy a quality of life that seems to elude you, contact me to discuss whether counselling in a safe, secure and above all, confidential environment, by telephone, Skype, FaceTime, face-to-face, or even by e-mail, could help. I do not charge for our first session together.

Parallel to training I spent seven years based in a multi-disciplinary Community Mental Health team with other Mental Health professionals. Here I gained valuable experience in identifying problems other than those safely helped by counselling alone. More recently I have worked as a hospital Social Worker and as a Telephone Helpdesk Advisor for Social Services where I have gained experience working with the elderly and those suffering from illness and loss.