My experience and practice have been largely in counselling by telephone, originally brought about by circumstance. I am now particularly happy to take people for telephone counselling - a medium highly suited to those who find it difficult to get out and about, who live a distance away or in a different country, who travel a lot and to those who value a high degree of anonymity and confidentiality.

In my experience even people who arrive for telephone counselling feeling really unsure of or uncomfortable with the phone quickly feel at ease and indeed some have told me that they have been more able to disclose certain of their experiences on the phone than they would have been, talking face to face. That said, having trained and had experience that way, I am of course happy to offer face to face and online counselling.

  • Optimum frequency - weekly, reducing as work progresses
  • Length of therapy -variable, from several months to several years
  • I do not make a charge for our first session together

SUBSEQUENT PRICE: 48 per 50 minutes

Payment for face to face counselling:
In cash or cheque at the beginning of each session, or as below.

Payment for telephone, Skype or Facetime counselling:
In advance by bank transfer to and from either a Sterling account (details provided on request) or PayPal (use button below)