"I had found myself in a very troubled place mentally – I had lost a sibling to cancer in the last year and had been struggling with the grieving process. In addition to this, a long term relationship had suddenly ended, so all future plans were subsequently out of the window and I was alone in a foreign land, unsure where I would be next week, let alone next month. In truth, I didn’t even want to see friends or family when feeling so out of sorts and panic stricken. I confess to having hadsome very misguided preconceptions about counselling, and it was really out of desperation that I turned to Angela. She has such a lovely, gentle manner, and is consequently so very easy to talk to. I felt I only had to talk as much as I wanted to, which is key. She’s a very flexible counsellor – a session could either be in person, on the phone or by Skype. Perhaps most importantly, she’s very perceptive. I think it was after only the second session that she triggered a real ‘light bulb’ moment that meant so much to me, because it allowed me to begin to deal with what had happened, and by the final session, while the pain was obviously still there, I felt much more at peace and was able to start to move on. Angela really helped me when I was a very vulnerable stranger, and I now consider her a friend.”

"I have never met Angela. Yet I owe much of my present peace of mind to her. Before I first talked to her, it mattered little in terms of personal contentment that I had led a happy family and a useful business life. A terrible inner torment would arise to meet me each morning, without fail. But over a period of many months, Angela telephoned me each week to listen intently, to review, to console and finally to ease the pains of a savage childhood, which had simmered deep inside my mind for more than half a century. I'm at peace with myself now. Angela's empathy, counselling skills and patience have led to a vast improvement in my personal life.”
"Angela created a safe space where I can easily share my issues (including those connected to being an expat). She is very perceptive and by asking questions she wisely and quickly leads me to the root cause of my problems and behaviours. I feel that every session we have together is very constructive and honest. I’ve seen great positive changes in my life and my self-awareness and self esteem have definitely improved significantly. I also greatly appreciate Angela’s flexibility; we have our sessions over the phone, which allows continuity in our work (so I don’t have to interrupt the therapy every time I travel for work). I understand that finding the right therapist can be very daunting. At a time I felt lost in my life, I was recommended to contact Angela. I am so grateful I did. I cannot recommend Angela highly enough.”




















"I contacted Angela Simmons seeking solutions to personal problems I was unable to deal with alone. Being single, isolated and sliding down that very slippery slope meant I was unable to clarify my thoughts and feelings, and as a consequence was confused and unhappy. Talking to Angela on the telephone on a regular and initially quite frequent basis, enabled me to understand myself and my actions better. Her insight has been invaluable in my life, both at that time and subsequently when faced with personal challenges. Angela’s ability to respect my feelings, encourage me towards self-understanding, be non-judgemental was essential at that time. Many of the self-coping strategies I developed with her assistance remain with me now, and I firmly believe always will. I could not have achieved what I have, not been so far along my journey, without her input and guidance. I can highly recommend her as a therapist."
"We are delighted with the effect Angela, as a couple therapist, has had on our relationship. We believe she helped us enormously and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing guidance. She is very perceptive and insightful and showed us how to deal with our issues in our lives in a positive way.”
"It was only on starting work with Angela that I realised that my previous 4 years of counselling had been a waste of time. Angela has helped me make significant changes in my life and make great progress in understanding myself and my past. We work together on the phone. Initially I thought this would be a problem, but in fact, due to Angela’s ease with the medium and how she put me at ease too, it has made the counselling so much easier. I would thoroughly recommend her. “
"It's so helpful to have someone to talk to who listens and actually hears what I have to say. For the first time in my life I feel valued and valuable. Angela is able to provide the mirroring and validation that has been so sorely missing in my life up until now, allowing me to explore who I really am, and to have more confidence in my own thoughts and feelings. It's clear she cares. She has helped me come to recognise the dysfunctionality of the people around me and how they have shaped who and where I am today, and for that, I shall always be truly grateful."
"I have had depression more or less since childhood. Unfortunately it continued into my 50s. On arriving in France 10 years ago matters came to a head and I had a full blown breakdown. I was lucky enough to find Angela. The sessions have been conducted by telephone, and from the start I sensed she had an understanding of my problems. I find Angela easy to talk to, very professional, kind, understanding and available when I need her. I maintain contact with Angela when I need her help and today thanks to her and a marvellous GP, for my medication, I am a different person. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing them"
"Angela came into my life at a very low time for me. I was confused and very scared of my fluctuating emotions and depression. Angela understood my struggles as an expat more than I did and had a wealth of connections to share with me as well as buckets full of empathy. Angela's years of experience and skills were a great comfort to me as she helped me battle past demons. I was able to survive a very difficult transition and save my relationship with Angela's help."